Susan Clarke

monotypes and collage


This collection of artwork may seem diverse but in fact is connected by a common thread – layers.  I enjoy telling stories with pictures, text, color and texture.  By hiding some details and exposing others each story evolves into something different.

I am a closet naturalist.  I am drawn to study and explore the shapes, colors and textures of the natural world.  My art work is filled with images of birds, flowers, rock formations and landscapes.  I draw inspiration from my collection of feathers, nests, bones and fossils. 

Whether I am working with acrylics, collage or monotype, the techniques of layering and over glazing from my decorative painting background remain a major influence in my work.  Each layer adds depth and richness to the work.  Although I start with a sketch and a plan each piece evolves as the layers are added.  I love the surprises that occur as each layer unfolds a new story and exposes a little of the previous one.