George Lowell

digital photography

Burton Lane and Frank Loesser wrote and Billie Holiday sang “I hear music”, with the theme being that if one listened, music could be heard everywhere. When I have a camera in my hands I see beauty everywhere.

Over the years I have found I can see more by looking small than by looking big. In fact looking small gives me greater opportunity. Shifting my gaze just a few feet opens up new worlds.

After years of taking pictures of birds, cats, flowers and family I found reflections. Later I found movement. Along the way my eye for composition improved. I moved from the concrete to the more abstract and ephemeral.

Walking a half mile each day to the mailbox I became enchanted with what I could see in the puddles that were left after the rain. That vision then took me to the stream near my home where I started looking at this new world from the stream bank. With inspiration I moved into the stream itself.

There the reflections created by the sun and the clouds, the current, the underlying structure, my position, my camera all provide the elements needed for my compositions in photography. Photographic software, a variety of photographic papers and printing at home give control to the results I achieve.

Naturally, I continue to experiment and grow. I make efforts with different subjects, work with different styles and software but still the hoped for effect of my efforts remains the same.

And what is it that I wish to achieve? Well, when the result is reasonably representational, I want people to see how form, color and structure can be shown in a way that is similar to yet still different from the everyday.

When my work is more abstract, I want people to be bound only by their imagination, guided by color, shape and line. Then people will see many different things and for each observer they will be true. But for all, there will be pleasure on viewing and pleasure in thinking. Pleasing to the eye and to the mind.


During my professional life my roles in education, as District Program Director and Elementary Principal, provided me with an outlet for my creative impulses. Now that I'm retired I've turned to another creative outlet — digital art photography.


Hunter College, B.A. Political Science
Eastern CT State College, M.S. Education; Reading Consultant Certificate
University of CT, Intermediate Supervisory Certificate; 6th Year in Administration


Attleboro Museum
Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts
Cultural Center of Cape Cod
Newport Art Museum


Emerald Art Center, Autumn Photography Exhibition, Springfield, OR, 2017
Norwich Art Center, Photo 12 Exhibition, Norwich, CT, 2017
Spring Bull Studio & Gallery, Collective Marks: Visions, group show, Newport, RI, 2017
Attleboro Arts Museum, Members' Exhibition, Attleboro, MA, 2016–17