Andrea Warner

monotypes and Collages

Making art excites me. It sometimes makes me feel like I'm playing and sometimes like I'm solving my most important problems of the day.

I like the process of rolling ink on a plate, adding elements that are either inked or used to block ink, and watching paper and the plate go through the press to be unveiled as a unique print, a monotype. If I want to share a memory, make a statement or just play, I go to the huge collection of saved materials that I use to create collages. For capturing the beauty in something I've seen, I use watercolors. To strengthen my skills with composition and color, I experiment with abstract acrylics.  One way or another, I enjoy making art.

My work can be seen in upcoming shows at the following venues:

*Great Bay Community College, Portsmouth, NH (solo show weekdays until March 8th)

*New Bedford Art Museum, New Bedford, MA (until March 17th)

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Andrea Warner